BiboxEurope Exchange adds Credit Card Insta-Buy option

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Bibox has added a another key feature to its recently launched digital asset exchange platform BiboxEurope. Bibox is the 15th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world according to the rankings.

BiboxEurope, holding the Estonian exchange and e-wallet licenses, released the new feature, Insta-Buy, on the 20th of August, supporting buying Bitcoin and Ethereum with EUR and GBP. The platform accepts MasterCard and VISA credit cards, and the purchased cryptocurrency will be delivered to the user’s account within 10 minutes following the completion of the payment process. That’s pretty impressive, considering the time it usually takes to get your fiat deposited on any exchange to make the purchase. While Coinbase charges 3.99% and Binance 3,5% in fees, BiboxEurope promises the lowest fees at 2.9%.

It’s definitely a good development in the European crypto markets, as there’s plenty of room to improve the adoption and ease of access to cryptocurrencies.

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