Coinigy Trading Platform – Review

Once you get into cryptos, there’s a chance you’ll at least think about trading cryptos daily. We’re not recommending it if you’ve never traded before, but it’s not too hard to make money on cryptos as a day trader. At least if you know the basics of technical analysis and what indicators you need to pay attention to.

Professional traders that have traded in the stockmarket for years say that trading cryptos is super easy – for now, until the big guns enter the market. It means there’s an opportunity for all of us, even the novices.

Although here at we’re more into investing and holding on to the coins, we still play around with small sums and trade as well. Just remember not to risk too much money on trading.

To trade successfully you’ll need to have a decent software. This is where Coinigy comes into play. In our opinion it’s the best trading platform on the market.

What We Like About Coinigy

Coinigy platform review

Coinigy is a trading platform available on desktop and mobile. You’ll only need one Coinigy account to trade on all the most popular exchanges (45 + exchanges) out there. It means you don’t have to hop between tabs to trade on different exchanges and log-in and log-out many times over (it’s a security risk).

Why can’t you just trade on one exchange? Because different exchanges list different coins. You will want to trade coins from different exchanges.

What’s more, you don’t have to connect those exchanges to your Coinigy account manually, which is a huge difference compared to many other trading platforms.

In addition, if you check the charts of Poloniex or Cryptopia, then they really aren’t the best for trading. Coinigy offers more professional charts. While there are good charts and analysis on Bitcoin, it’s not so simple to find good charts for altcoins. One place you can check for charts for your technical analysis is

For example, one important indicator for technical analysis is the Ichimoku cloud. Professional traders use different indicators to make successful trades, like Fibonacchi levels, support and resistance levels, trendlines, Ichimoku cloud. And on Coinigy you can get Ichimoku cloud for all the altcoins and exchanges. That might not tell much to you at the moment, but you’ll definately appreciate this once you get into trading.

Here are some of the Coinigy features

  • A lot of exchanges. All in one place, connected through API.
  • Coinigy is built on Google Datacenters.
  • 99.9& uptime
  • Mobile and desktop access
  • Trade instantly from the chart
  • Price alerts (will talk about it more)
  • More than 75+ technical indicators (!)
  • 24/7 wallet and exchange portfolio monitoring
  • Instant access to real-time API and historical data
  • You can connect your account with apps and third-party integrations (CryptoTicker, SocialScanner,
  • Google Sheets, directory updated regularly)
  • Great customer support
  • Built with enterprise-grade security
  • SHA – 256 encrypted protection

Price Alerts

Everyone who wants to be a good and efficient trader will love price alerts. You can set price alerts for any exchange and any coin, so you won’t miss a trade. Those price alerts can trigger an SMS or e-mail – in case you don’t have your desktop app open. It’s also really simple. Here’s a quick tour:

1. Visit the ‘Alerts’ page in the upper left menu on Coinigy.

2. From this page, find the ‘ADD ALERTS’ box on the left side and enter in the criteria for the exchange, coin, and price for your alert along with any notes you want to add for that specific alert.

3. Once you click ‘Confirm’ button, Coinigy will add it to the ‘Alert Requests’ on the right and you will be alerted if the price hits the desired threshold.

Coinigy also allows users to create both email and SMS alerts. To set up an SMS alert, find the ‘SMS Alerts’ icon in the ‘Apps’ dropdown menu in the upper left side of the site. On this page, follow the steps to set your phone up for SMS price alerts.

To enable either email or SMS alerts, visit the ‘Preferences’ page found in the ‘Settings’ dropdown menu on the upper right side of the site and check the box for the corresponding notification source.


Fortunately, there are no fees on the trades. It’s a subscription based service. Coinigy costs $15/month if you pay it annually. Before signing up as a paid user, you can take the 30-day free trial and see if it works for you. We do recommend you to educate yourself little bit before you start your trial, as all the functions might seem overwhelming at first.


Coinigy let’s you trade 45+ exchanges from one account, has professional charts and is highly secure trading platform. Coinigy’s functionality is out of this world. The more you learn about trading, the more you will appreciate this trading platform. We at are big fans of Coinigy.

Start Your Free Trial Here.

Disclaimer: Links you see in this article are affiliate links and we earn commission once you sign up as a paid user. That said, everything we said in this article is 100% sincere – we use Coinigy ourselves and are very happy with Coinigy platform. It’s the best crypto trading platform on the market, simple as that.