Crypto Debit Cards – Ready For Mass Adoption

Cryptocurrencies have seen humongous growth in 2017, and, finally, we’re seeing the cryptos breaking into the mainstream. Even sports superstars such as Lionel Messi are now endorsing blockchain projects. Together with the growing user base, the actual use case of cryptocurrencies becomes more and more relevant. One would say that these use cases are what enable the mainstream adoption, but we believe most of the users still buy for speculation purposes, not for actually using cryptos as payment methods.

That said, it is a good time to take a look at crypto debit cards, as more and more choices are popping up.

What are the benefits of a crypto debit card?

The biggest benefit is the ease of use. If before you wanted to use your cryptos, you had to go to the crypto exchange, convert your cryptos back to the fiat, and after that transfer the fiat to your bank account, then with a debit card this process is automatic. You don’t have to make any extra moves – you just pay and cryptos are converted seamlessly.

Though, a lot of those debit cards don’t show you the exchange rate they’re converting at. So make sure you’re not getting a bad deal each time you’re making the payment, as these hidden fees can be pretty painful.

How crypto debit cards work?

It’s likely you haven’t thought much about how the traditional debit cards work, but the crypto debit cards work exactly the same way. The money doesn’t come from the bank account, however, but from your crypto wallet. Only the amount you’re spending is exchanged to fiat, all the rest will stay in cryptos.

The starting is easy as well. All you need to do is to order the card, activate it and transfer your cryptos to the wallet that is connected to the card vendor’s service.

Main benefits

You can pay everywhere because VISA and Mastercard are accepted universally.

Crypto debit cards support many different cryptocurrencies.You don’t have to own only Bitcoin or Etherum to use crypto debit cards.

Seamless conversion from cryptocurrency to fiat. Pay the bills, buy food or concert tickets, it doesn’t matter. Or, take the cash out of the ATM. Living only on Bitcoin? It’s easily doable. Only thing is that you might want to hold instead of spending…

Imagine sitting in a cafeteria, having spent 500 bucks for a coffee. One hour later, you’ll buy another one. Only this time the coffee costs 5000 bucks. This is called hyperinflation. This is what happened in Germany in 1920s. Or in Venezuela in 2017. Money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Bitcoin is a buffer against inflation of the traditional currencies.

There are crypto debit cards that allow you to stay anonymous while spending small amounts of money. This is exactly what is needed when governments try to sniff after you every step you take. Just give me some privacy.

Reviewing the Best Crypto Credit Cards


One of the oldest and probably one of the most trusted companies in the space. CryptoPay has both virtual and plastic cards, which can be used globally. If you have a low debit card limit, no verification is required, but with higher limits, you still need to verify yourself. You’ll have to pay 1% conversion fee of converting your cryptos to fiat, which is pretty high, there are also charges for loading credit and when you want to withdraw cash from the ATM, you pay up to 2.5$.


What I like about SpectroCoin is that you’re not charged with any fees for loading cryptos on the card. It works similarly to prepaid sim cards  – you load your cryptos on it and spend as you wish. The SpectroCoin debit card can be used for paying in EUR, USD, and GBP, and you can do it basically everywhere (places that accept Visa and MasterCard). Similarly to CryptoPay and many other crypto debit cards, if you want to spend bigger amounts, then you’ll need to verify your identity.

And many others

When I started to write this article, I thought I’ll write a short review of many debit cards, but to be honest, doing my research I’ve realized there’s not much that differentiates one from another, and, there are some that would be left out for no reason at all. So, here are more names that you should check out: TenX (a personal favorite), Monaco, OCASH, Xapo, BitPay, Wirex, Coinsbank, CryptoPay, Uquid, Bitwala, Advcash, Shift, Bitnation, WageCan.