How I Started Earning Money with Crypto

It was hard labour.

I was on a moving truck. We helped folks move to new and often fancier houses.

One day about 10 months ago, we were hired by one young client (25 about). He was moving into a big apartment in the city centre of Melbourne.

We got into chatting with him and I asked what he does for a living. I usually don’t ask this stuff from clients, but I was too curious to resist.

He said he’s a cryptocurrency investor.

Of course, I had heard about bitcoin..but I had never seen anyone who actually invests in bitcoin.

Moreover, I was blown away how well he lives. This was the trigger for me. I had to know more.

Doing My Own Research

When I got back home I started researching. I spent a week researching everything I could. I got in touch with this guy again to talk with him about cryptos – to see how he understands and sees things.

He was early in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This was his long play. He also invested in altcoins and gave me some tips to follow.

He wasn’t a genius. He didn’t know anything special. Almost everything he told me I had already found online. It’s just matter of doing proper research and have enough interest to be thorough.

This is how I got into bitcoin and cryptos. I put my all savings, 5000 Australian dollars into cryptos.
After thorough research, I bought BTC (price then about 800$), ETH (price then about 10$) and DCR when it was priced at 0.9$. It was mid January 2017.

First Income

When you look at the prices of ETH, BTC and DCR today, you know that I’ve made a lot of money already. I was lucky, as the timing was perfect.

I don’t have an illusion that I’m a good investor. I’ve lost money on some altcoins and ICOs, and made money with other ones. And that’s the whole point. Anyone can do it. There are plenty of ways to make money with cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can make a proper research on a coin and make their decision. Sometimes it goes well, other times it might not.

Cryptocurrency market is crazy. Some things you just can’t explain rationally. You have to live with the fact that there’s a lot of uncertainty and risk involved.

But there are so many opportunities all the time. Especially now, at the time of writing this article. I really believe that crypto is the new era of trading.

One that our children and grandchildren will refer to as an era of possibilities.

Time will tell how it all pans out, but I see it as too interesting of an opportunity to miss out on it.