How One Trader Went From 300$ to 50 000$ In One Year

Cryptocurrency trading has made a small fortune for a few who have made the most of this opportunity. Thanks to the volatility and price appreciation of coins, people have made more money than they ever dreamed possible.

It’s safe to say that cryptocurrency is probably one of the biggest opportunities of our lifetime. Small investment into cryptos have made regular people millionaires.

Although we’re constantly looking for those stories to give you some motivation and hope, it’s not always easy to get proof that these stories are real.

Not saying the stories people tell are fake. I mean, why would you even care to provide any proof?

But for the sake of a valid blog post, we’ve chosen few stories that are backed up by proof.

Luc Has Put Penny Stock Experience to Use

Take, for example, a guy named Luc. Known as “quickfingersluc”. He traded his 300$ investment to a 50 000$ in one year. He’s no stranger to investing though. He makes money on trades methodically. Luc has been trading penny stocks for 10 years, so he has a vast experience in trading.

Luc says that crypto is extremely easy to trade, because big boys haven’t entered the market yet. It’s all novices. And Luc shows and teaches how he makes those successful trades – for free. There’s no catch. There’s no program he’s selling. He doesn’t take your money and invest for you.

And he’s a good teacher. Not many people can teach complex topics so well.

Luc’s stuff is legit. Check him out on youtube – you can find his user by the nickname I gave you above. It’s worth your time.

So, Luc is a professional, but what about other people that have made fortunes?

Riding the Altcoin Wave

I’ve encountered a guy on Reddit who invested $4k into Etherum when the price was only 0.3$. Today his investment is worth $4 million.

It means completely regular guys are making millions. Look at this post by one other redditor:

And just like that he became a millionaire!

Or  Sean from New York. He invested in cryptocurrencies like Game, Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin.

His initial stake of $15,000 turned into a $3 million fortune.

Then there is this legendary story of Norwegian Kristoffer Koch.

Or Erik Finman. A 15 year boy who got 1000 bucks as a gift from his grandmother, invested it into Bitcoin in 2012, and year later sold his Bitcoin for 100 000$. He took his earnings and started a business, where he pays his employees in Bitcoin. He hasn’t only changed his own life, but he’s contributing to society by creating jobs.

You’ve probably understood that we’re big believers in Bitcoin and the positive effects it can have on the world.

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