Interview With The GameCredits COO Alex Migitko reached out to GameCredits to talk about cryptocurrencies, investing, and of course, the future of GameCredits.

GameCredits is a highly regarded cryptocurrency and we hope you’ll enjoy the interview below.

How did the team come together?

The GameCredits cryptocurrency has been trading on exchanges as far back as 2014. But the current incarnation of GameCredits, the company, came about when the original GameCredits development team partnered with Datcroft games in late 2016.

The result is a diverse team with deep expertise both in blockchain and the game industry — Datcroft already had a successful track record of serving games to more than ten million users. In fact, the first integration of GameCredits (the currency) within a game has been in Datcroft’s Fragoria — a MMORPG with more than eight million users.

How to explain the technology behind GameCredits?

It’s not necessary to understand the underlying technology to appreciate what GameCredits brings to the table. Consider that practically every third human on earth plays video games. It’s a $100 billion industry and it’s still growing. Blockbuster games make more revenue than blockbuster movies.

More people watch major eSports events than they do NBA finals. But the problem is, as this industry is currently set up, a lot of the value created gets scooped up by outside entities that don’t really contribute to how we enjoy games. In fact, they contribute to making our gaming experiences worse while making a profit (think of in-game advertisement, for example). As a result, gaming, however big it is, is still viewed in the mainstream as a guilty pleasure. But why the guilt?

What GameCredits allows us to do is reduce the role of many of these third-party outsiders. We don’t need payment processing companies to mediate transactions between developers, publishers, and gamers. We can reduce transaction fees and instantly allow developers to earn more while at the same time increasing the purchasing power of gamers. But that’s just scratching the surface.

We are a blockchain company. Apart from the cryptocurrency, we are developing an entire suite of blockchain products that will introduce new ways to enjoy games — for example, a new multiplayer gaming paradigm, where you can play competitively with anyone while broadcasting it to the entire world; effectively bringing arena eSports to everyone’s smartphone.

All of these efforts are part of our GNation initiative. We want to make sure that those who create value in the gaming industry — game developers, gamers, eSports participants and content creators — get most of the benefits.

What’s coming for GameCredits?

That’s mostly a secret, but we are working on a big partnership with companies from the gaming and IT space to enter the game.

And where are you in 3 years’ time?

GameCredits becomes an universally adopted currency of the gaming world, GNation becomes a worldwide community touching a billion users in one way or another.

Beyond three years: gaming becomes our culture’s most appreciated form of entertainment. Games are appreciated and talked about as cinematography or even literature is discussed today. eSports gets the same recognition as mainstream olympic sports. The next George Lucas is a game developer, the next Michael Jordan is an eSports star, kids aspire to be the same and parents encourage them.

What makes GameCredits a wise investment for a crypto investor?

Real purpose and clear vision. We’re in it for the long haul.

What is the biggest myth about GameCredits, if there is one?

99% of the hype around blockchain is generated by cryptocurrency and the desire of speculators to get rich. Consequently, GameCredits, the company, is today best known for GameCredits, the cryptocurrency. However, we are a company focused on bringing innovative blockchain solutions to the gaming world. That entails much more than cryptocurrency. That’s our GNation vision.

If you were to invest into one cryptocurrency except for GameCredits, then what would it be?

MobileGo 🙂

If you invest into other cryptocurrencies as well, then how do you pick your winners?

We don’t — we are working on products and technologies. We restrain from manipulating the market completely, we are interested in products and what they can change for better

Is there anyone who you specifically follow in the cryptocurrency (investment) space?

Of course, some major names associated with blockchain as a tech in the first place.

If you could borrow someone’s brain for a week, whose brain would it be?

Yanis Varoufakis. Brain, not the personality of course.

When it comes to cryptos, is there anything that needs to be said to the people that are just discovering what cryptocurrency actually is and what the buzz is all about?

That cryptocurrency is the most wrong word you can pick for that. It’s not a currency, it’s not about being encrypted, it’s about a new technological, economical and social paradigm — that is what’s important about it, and being able to trade them on exchanges is actually the most boring part of the story. is super thankful for Alex  for taking the time to do the interview.

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